Letter from the HAA Executive Director

April 2019

Dear Member of the Harvard Alumni Association:

Harvard is what it is today because of the dedication and commitment of our alumni community throughout the centuries. For more than 175 years, the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) has provided opportunities for alumni across the University to forge lifelong connections to one another and to Harvard. Members of the HAA Board of Directors, 6 of whom are elected each spring by you and your fellow alumni, lead the organization in this work.

Elected Directors of the Board provide leadership to the HAA and its committees. Each year, the HAA Nominating Committee selects candidates who have demonstrated a record of service and an ability to communicate with fellow alumni from across our global community. In total, 18 elected directors sit on the HAA Board, each serving a 3-year term.

Last fall, the HAA Nominating Committee met at length, considered many possible candidates, and selected nine individuals who have a variety of University and personal experiences and a shared commitment to active participation in their alumni communities.

Starting this spring, you may vote in these elections either online or via mail-in ballot. You will find instructions for online voting on your enclosed paper ballot and through emails from Election Services Corporation, which Harvard has retained to administer the election. If you still choose to mail in your ballot, please return it in the envelope provided. The names of the candidates are placed on the ballot in an order determined by lot.

By voting for elected directors, you are coming together with thousands of fellow alumni to select the HAA’s future leaders. Thank you for contributing to this important process and ensuring that your voice is heard.


Philip W. Lovejoy
Executive Director
Harvard Alumni Association