Benjamin D. Wei

Benjamin D. Wei

AB ’08
CEO, Nova Invite
New York, New York
Ben Wei

Ben Wei is passionate about creating organizations centered around impact, particularly in providing opportunities for economic empowerment in historically disadvantaged communities.

A few years after graduation, Wei launched Access Code, a nonprofit focused on providing in-demand coding education to prepare adult women, minorities, and immigrants from underserved communities for careers in technology.

During his time building Access Code, Wei sought to find mentors for his inaugural class of students and turned to the Harvard alumni network. He cofounded the Harvard in Tech Shared Interest Group (SIG) with a mission to provide Harvard alumni with resources and networks to encourage innovation and the utilization of technology to push society forward. The SIG now hosts dozens of events around the globe annually and has served over 10,000 alumni.

In addition to helping Harvard in Tech expand its impact, Wei is the founder and CEO of Nova Invite, a mobile marketplace for social media influencers. Previously, he served as engagement and marketing chair for the Harvard Alumni Association, membership services chair for the Harvard Club of New York, and New York City class captain for Harvard Young Alumni.

“As a director, I want to help give all alumni, across generations, a voice and find ways that we can collectively make a greater impact on the communities around us. The most important lesson that Harvard has taught me is that incredible change can occur when a group of talented people come together to effect positive outcomes.”

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