Thea Sebastian

Thea Sebastian

AB ’08, JD ’16
MSc ’11, University of Oxford, EdM ’13, Hunter College; Policy counsel, Civil Rights Corps
Washington D.C.
Thea Sebastian

Thea Sebastian is a Harvard Forward candidate.

Currently the Policy Counsel for Civil Rights Corps, where she leads policy efforts to transform the American criminal-legal system, Sebastian works to unmask and dismantle structural inequality. 

She began her career teaching. As an educator with Teach for America, teaching special education at a South Bronx middle school, she witnessed the complicated ways that race, disability, and poverty create barriers to upward mobility.

Since then, she has devoted herself to tackling these inequities. Whether making education policy in Detroit, facilitating White House initiatives to boost social mobility, or helping launch a “Conversation on Race” program at Harvard Law School, Sebastian has supported grassroots leaders in developing policy solutions.

Today, Sebastian coordinates nationwide strategies to address race-based and wealth-based injustices in our criminal-legal system. In her free time, she does voter protection and works with Indigenous Peoples to fight voter suppression. 

"As a recent graduate of Harvard Law School, I understand the perspectives of students and alumni who want to see Harvard lead on diversity, climate change, and social responsibility."

"As a Board member, I will push Harvard to address race-based, class-based, and gender-based disparities. I will advocate expanded recruitment of first-generation college-goers. I will advocate climate leadership and responsible investing."

"Harvard has an opportunity to lead—not only on Nobel laureates, but on modeling socially responsible and inclusive practices. I look forward to using my background as a lawyer, an activist, and a recent alumnus to make this reality come true."

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