Vanessa Zoltan ​​​​​​

Vanessa Zoltan ​​​​​​

MDiv ’15
BA ’04, Washington University, MS ’09, University of Pennsylvania; Co-founder and CEO, Not Sorry Productions
Medford, Massachusetts
Zoltan Vanessa

Writer and entrepreneur Vanessa Zoltan is the co-host of Harry Potter & the Sacred Text, a weekly podcast she created with two Harvard Divinity School (HDS) classmates.

Zoltan is CEO and cofounder of Not Sorry Productions, a feminist organization that produces podcasts, educational content, live shows, and immersive experiences with the goal of addressing the spiritual needs of its participants. With over 16 million downloads, Harry Potter & the Sacred Text allows listeners to find meaning through a secular text that they love, engaging in traditional forms of sacred reading to explore broad themes like vulnerability, betrayal, and friendship. She also hosts the Hot & Bothered podcast, which applies a similar approach to writing romance novels.

Zoltan has been a proctor in Harvard Yard since 2012 and previously served as assistant humanist chaplain at Harvard. In 2019, she was selected as a Peter J. Gomes STB ’68 Memorial Honoree. Chosen each year by the HDS Alumni/Alumnae Council, the Gomes Honorees represent the wide range of human experience on which HDS graduates have an impact.

“Harvard has given me so much: friends as close as family, an education, a community. As a child of refugees, I have experienced firsthand the gifts that Harvard can give and how isolated one can feel while trying to break into the Harvard community. I would love to serve this community that gave so much to me, and I would love to help think about ways that Harvard can be an even more radically welcoming community.”

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