03. How are candidates nominated?

The Harvard Alumni Association Committee to Nominate Overseers and Elected Directors (HAA Nominating Committee) is responsible for developing and presenting nominees both for the Harvard Board of Overseers and for Elected Directors of the HAA. The HAA Nominating Committee's voting members include three current or recent Overseers and up to ten alumni of varied backgrounds and experience chosen by the HAA Executive Committee. 

The HAA Nominating Committee deliberates over the course of the fall to develop the slates of candidates. In fall 2019, the committee reviewed approximately 300 individuals for possible inclusion on the Overseers ballot and approximately 200 for possible inclusion on the HAA Elected Director ballot. 

From its deliberations, the HAA Nominating Committee has presented eight candidates for the five anticipated vacancies on the Board of Overseers and nine candidates for the six available positions as HAA Elected Director. (The committee is responsible for nominating one and one-half times the number of vacancies which, at the time of nomination, it is anticipated will be required to be filled.) Candidates for Overseer may also be nominated by petition, by obtaining a prescribed number of signatures from eligible voters (in the amount of at least one percent of the number of eligible voters in the prior year's election) by a specified date (this year, February 1, 2020).