HAA Board of Directors

The Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors is a representative volunteer alumni board of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA), which serves as both a University-wide alumni association and as the alumni association for Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges. The HAA Board of Directors has constitutional duties to nominate candidates for Overseers and HAA Elected Directors. 

The HAA Board of Directors, under the leadership of the Executive Committee and executive director, empowers volunteers to strengthen the Harvard alumni community.  The HAA Board of Directors is an advisory board that guides the fostering of alumni community building, creating University citizens of alumni and alumni volunteers. The work focuses on developing volunteer leadership and increasing and deepening alumni engagement through an array of programs that support alumni communities worldwide. In recent years, the board’s priorities have included strengthening outreach to recent graduates and graduate school alumni; supporting antiracism work in alumni communities; and continuing to build and promote inclusive communities.